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Wireworld Silver Starlight 7 HDMI Cables - High Speed w/Ethernet
Wireworld Silver Starlight 7 HDMI Cables - High Speed w/Ethernet
Manufacturer Wireworld Audio
Unit: Each
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Price: $270.00
$350.00 1M 3 in stock
$1,725.00 12M 4 in stock
$2,100.00 15M 4 in stock
$475.00 2M 2 in stock
$2,725.00 20M 4 in stock
$600.00 3M 3 in stock
$850.00 5M 4 in stock
$1,100.00 7M 4 in stock
$1,350.00 9M 3 in stock

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Detailed Description

New Series 7 - improves on the original with new Composilex® 2 insulation and HD-Grip Plug.

The Silver Starlight® 6 is the next best HDMI® cable available utlizing the same advanced design as the Platinum Starlight® , with 24 heavily silver-clad OFC conductors and aluminium connectors.

High Speed with Ethernet logo

The Silver Starlight 6 (all lengths) is a High Speed with Ethernet HDMI® Cable and fully supports Data rate >10.2Gbps- covering 1080p, HD4K, Deep Colour, Audio Return Channel (ARC) and all 3D formats.


The Silver Starlight® 6 benefits from the unique WireWorld proprietary DNA Helix™ cable design which utilizes twenty four signal conductors instead of twelve conductors found in conventional HDMI® cables.

Read more about WireWorld's technology


Ratings 3D Ready cables


Conductors: 24 silver-clad oxygen-free copper signal conductors
Insulation: Gas-injected Polyethylene foam
Contacts: Silver/gold
Connectors: Aluminium Die-cast
Available lengths: 0.3m, 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 7m, 9m, 12m*, 15m* & 20m*
Dimensions (WxT):  18mm x 4.5mm (cable), 20mm x 10mm (plug)


 * = This cable feature Active Eq. circuits. Cable direction MUST be observed for these cables to function properly, and to avoid damage.

IMPORTANT: Please observe the correct cable orientation during installation.
The cable is marked with an arrow "→" which indicates signal direction.
e.g. Bluray/DVD → AV Receiver→ TV/Projector

These cables ship for free around the world.  Get your order in now and we will ship as soon as they are available.

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